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OMG, ape bende yg ak dh tulis ni? :O

Memalukannye bende2 yg ak tulis niiiiii, adoiiiiii!

nmpk sgt dlu x matang >_<

cmne la korg leh idup dgn ak dlu ni, hahaha~

ak rindu weih 201!

hallo people!!!!

adakah anda ingat??
hari ini, Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day ,MAk!!!

dont forget to wish your mom ,ok??
since my mak ,dah keep on bugging me ,asking me to wish her since 4am td...
dah hantar kot SMS smlm..
fine,the best way,is calling2 n gossip2 mcm slalu laa...

do u miss ur mom??
because,yes ,i do miss my mom soo much!!!

oh,jom berpicnic hari ni!!!

since i'm alwaz posting in english, now i wanna try posting in BM :)

pe ak nk ckp ek ari ni?
hmmm, nuthing interesting tho.
juz a few juicy gossip bout myself dat i wud like to share wif y'all~

i tot i wanna try writing in BM?
abaikn je la.
i'll juz write the way i like it, uh-huh uh-huh.
(merepek? yesh, me knowz dat)

obviously i wanna write about B XDDD.
i dun think i like him, as in really really like him, but sumhow he makes me feel very happy. very very happy XDDD.
even as im writing this down, i have to fight down an urge to break into a smile :)
wut a comfortable feeling diz is ^^
there's no pressure to like and be liked in return.
i dun really know how to describe it well...he juz makes me happy :)
and keep me grounded in ways that i can't explain (and i'm very thakful for that B ^^).

am i boring u with all this mushy touchy feely thingy?

i talked to my mom today.
bout B, my bros, myself, herself (more like her retail therapy XDD) and my dad.
there's a case of acute runaway syndrome in my family, haha~

karma comes around one day right?
what goes around, comes around~
makes me shudder everytym i think about dat  >_<

the things dat i wanna say are all muddled in my brain and i can't really find the write words to articulate how i really feel.
my vocab seriously sucks now.
this is depressing for me to realize :(

oh yes, can i juz ignore every single guy that says hi to me?
all these "hi, can i av ur ym id?" talk is getting to me.

p/s : yes, my post is boring. its not colourful nor it is full of life. that's just how i roll baby XD


this is not just a phase.

 heyho everybody!!
watcha doin'???*shuffle2 sket*
there's  no particular reason y i'm writing this post!
just,nak share,yg saya mempunyai kelas topan pada jam 2.00 ptg hari ini!
ya..i know,dis is sad!...
hoho..saya sukalah tp, mcm saya suka makan...
topan memang kesukaan ramai,mcm g**denia,enak dimakan begitu sahaja!

y,only hatim n ili keep on posting here?
are we abandoning our own harta kharun!?
i tot,we had a deal..?
we promised to always write everything here!
u liar my frens,i hate u..mulai saat ini,kita bukan lagi kawan(oohhh,that is my favourite line)..

n 1 more,let's do the checklist..(i'm about to ruin ur mood,babeyh)!!!*evil laugh*

how many subjects eh ada for this final???*big grin*
but,seriously,i'm not aware of this..aku just tau,a few,namely:



okay...i have no idea..
apa lagi eh?besides Russian,which i know,aku akan screw dat paper dgn penuh cemerlang dan bergaya!
seperti mekti membuat larian pecutan perlumbaan kedua menentang izzni!
bergaya gila okay...aku patut amik video waktu tu...deymm,y didnt i do so!?(ni kalo mct baca,msti dia nak ungkit story gak)

o yeah,n plz dont forget babes,may is an eventful month!mcm2 ada...(eleh,suka la tu mct,d'ohhh,we do realize hg punya bday is approaching,but,halloooo,like we care)
-mothers' day
-teachers' day

what else?
oh,yg pasal birthday itu,apa kata kita abaikan??hahahaha

oryt lah,itu dulu dari angkasapari2...
~hugs n kisses~<--okay ini gedik!

the scandalouz lyf of lil bitchy me >;p

since i havent been updating for d last month (i miss writing T_T), i decided to post a few updates of myself :).

1. i think i may be falling in 'like' wif sum1. well...at least, i have a greater fondness for him den oder guys :)
n yes, he's d guy i'm not supposed to like. supposedly, we're juz frens. very good frens.

2. i think i may have a stalker in d making in my lyf. sigh~
its irritating n im fucking pissed off. but hey, i probably shud giv this chump a chance aite?

3. im gonna change my air ticket to 20th of june - 2nd of sept. i dun wanna be d only odd out.

4. i lack d drive to study eventho i know finals are near.

ok...number 4 sounded to fake to be ili, haha~

5. i havent called my mom yet but according to the msg she sent me in FB, i think she likes guy number 1 so...that is so NOT helping me from falling for this guy. shit.

i dun exactly like like him but i like the pace he sets for our relationship so yeah..im comfortable the way we r :)

too bad he also has sum1 else in his mind...tho i do think dat i may win if i fight hard enuf.

enuf updates for now dun u think?
i'll most probably be updating soon as i have NO LIFE.


p/s : cam-whore + attention seeker = WIN IN LYF



cuti has been delayed to 21st n 22nd!!!!
i want my hitler's trip to turkey!!!
damnation lah dekanat yg thoughtless tu!!!
cant u use ur brain before made up ur mind...????
suka buat last minute change..
tau la u ni,bapak kao yg punya!

jom2 dgr stone sour plk...britney jh skmo...ni kto dgr lgu ni plk...ok???

on my cycle...

 good day everyone!
ohhh,saya rasa seperti saya tiada "life",
pada hari ini,saya akan mengepos buletin di blog kita dalam bahasa melayu sempurna (amboi-amboi-amboi),kerana saya sangat kecewa apabila saya menjawab kuiz seca jujur di "FACEBOOK",apa yang saya perolehi,hanyalah TUJUH PULUH LIMA PERATUS..itu gred B ,ya..jika di sekolah dahulu,pasti saya sudah dipandang hina ileh ibu bapa saya..(jadi emak,tolong jangan mengusha "FACEBOOK" saya)

bacalah jika anda rasa anda melayu tulen emas 32karat.Collapse )

marilah meningkatkan muthusamy mutu bahasa melayu kita dengan merotikayakan penggunaan bahasa melayu dalam kehidupan seharian kita



shocking news!!!
diss isss sooo freaking weird!!!
our abandoned microwave was taken away without notification!!!!
sampainya hatimu dezhurnoi mama
(tazkirah musim suam:ini satu tuduhan tak berasas..berdosanya aku)..mengambil microwave kita..
we didnt purposely put it there ok?
busyness made us forget bout the microwave..
kami mmg mahu berjumpa MR.ELEKTRIKA n let him do the rest..
bcos,we know,this tym,the injury is not soo bad like our previous washing machine!!!
we still have hope in it..
but,we trust mr.elektrika more that we didnt allow miss bajet mekanik do the work!

dat's y we didnt throw it away!!!
now,what's left is juz the remaining habok of the microwave!!
yessss,i miss seeing our microwave!!!!
i feel this sense of emptiness everytym i pass by the "makam"..

where the hell is our microwave????

dear who-ever-you-are,
the action of taking without asking for permission is..errrr..RIDICULOUS??
u should have asked!!!!

yes,the microwave looks helplessly ugly n irrepairable(is there such word?like i care) ,but,we still have hope in it!
hoping,1 day,dia bley working like usual,n serves us,every morning ,evening,and night,reheating our leftover!!

tq for ruining our hope!*sarcastic*
what is left now?
i'm sooo angry ryt now,that i feel like eating all the bihun!
but,what is bihun without microwave?
it wont taste the same as bihun serves zharka2 direct from microwave!!!
i'm sooo mad that i dont even bother Chukarin was killed by Sacha...
i'm sooo pissed off !

again,i miss our microwave!

p/s:gila tarak keja kan aku?
mind my grammar and all.hahaha..like i care!none of us are english teacher!
see,so many masa2 percuma yg boley dibazirkan..

ting tong..

haha...nk jugak...erm,i just read d entry posted by jaritepeleot...hell ya,we r kinda free now...tp xde la smpi penat sbb ter extra tdo..hahahah...btw,me oso been waiting  for d choc cake from SARAH...we r like,"dimanakah janji2 manis mu SARAH?" haishhh...xske tau,tipu2 camni...today is just my bright sunny day...ilysm!!! ----> alamak,tergewdik lakk..sori babes!!